Henrietta Horn






„Itambé” lures its audience into a mysterious and unfamiliar world. Rather than relating a connected story, the choreography mirrors a series of associations with „ecstasy”, „myths” „religion” and „ritual”. Strength and dynamic of the movement material takes an effect like a wake on the dancers, which seems to push them to the limit of human experience and consciousness.

„Itambé” is shaped by rhythm: from the strong and powerful rhythm of the music and from the rhythm of silence. For example in the beginning of the work when the dancers with meditative voices sense their individual rhythm and give it expression in movement.

„Itambé” lives from contrasts: from the emphatic simplicity of the stage setting as opposed to the rich forms and expressiveness of Horn’s choreographic vocabulary. Movement dynamics range from calm and slowness to ecstasy. The formal and strict division of space finds its counterpart in a closely woven and poignant atmosphere.

„Itambé” develops an imagery of suggestive attraction which puts a spell on the audience.
„Itambé” is co-produced by the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen
Première: May 5, 1999



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