Henrietta Horn





„The cock is dead”


Staging for eight dancers


Dance and media art – two art forms which inspire and enrich each other. With this double bill evening Henrietta Horn and Dietrich Hahne set off into a new direction within their artistic work: both include another media into their own art form. So the choreographer Henrietta Horn works for the first time with the media film/video and the media artist and composer Dietrich Hahne works for the first time with choreographic elements. Their work form an evening with two very different pieces.


„As well – Georgia lies at the sea” of Dietrich Hahne reminds of past idyllic summers: waves dance, sand trickles over dunes and grass sways in the wind. Pictures of people appear, blur and exempt themselves from reality. The white stage and costumes of the dancers function as screen for the computer generated images. The dancers themselves become while moving part of these images, fade into or build a distinct contrast to these images. All together the piece is accompanied by a carpet of sound which accommodates like-minded to the projections on stage.

„The cock is dead” of Henrietta Horn appears light as a feather. In ludicrous and to some extent strange imagery she gets a fix on aspects of German conventionality: so dachshunds dance on stage, sport plays not a negligible role, a chicken dies and is consumed and all this framed in modest stripy wallpaper.

Henrietta Horn uses film in a playful way also as stage setting, directs the spectators’ attention to a specific detail, or just tells a little but delicate story. The dancers move between the stage and film and interact with the imagery. Henrietta Horn mingles in an easy manner the elements film, dance, music and acting and creates an extremely entertaining and amusing piece.

„Prallen” is a co-production of the Folkwang Tanzstudio (FTS) and the Institute for Computer music and Electronic Media (ICEM)



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