Henrietta Horn






Time, movement, sound - “Blauzeit” (Bluetime) centres on the question “How long are five minutes? - How long do five minutes seem to us?”

These questions give rise to a contrast between slow and fast elements: movements and situations somewhere between slow-motion, extended, measured, fast, abrupt, or sudden.

Add to this a mysterious, cool mood coupled with austerity, immediacy and simultaneity. Cool colours: blue, grey, beige - window-climbing bugs scuttling down a high glass wall - many question marks are concealed on this stage.

Images and situations change abruptly, contrasted by David Lang’s score with its soothing effect on the piece. The dancers move on the ground, are rough, aggressive, and then appear almost tender. “Blauzeit” is dominated by body monologues and dialogues in which the dancers seem almost lost.

Henrietta Horn cuts her own path; after “Artischocke im Silbersee” (An Artichoke in the Silver Lake) she once more surprises her audience with a different style. But anyone familiar with Henrietta Horn knows that it’s worth seeing.

“It is an inward-looking, demure piece, very German, and yet exciting, because it upsets you. It is deep. Reflective. Analytic.”

(Ingeborg Schwenke-Runkel
Kölner Stadtanzeiger 06./07. Mai 2006)



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