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A Folkwang Tanzstudio project



Experience five nights featuring nine duets of dancers and musicians each in two rooms at the Forum Kunst und Architektur (Forum for Art and Architecture). The spotlight will be on the encounter, either between two dancers or between a dancer and a musician. None of them know who they will encounter on any particular night and how they will both shape this encounter. The artists will experiment with the possibilities of improvisation, translating the moment of encounter into movements and music. Each duet will be a blind date, a creation process triggered by the immediate situation. As in real life, two people may find each other, or not. Each night at 6 p.m., the encounters between the artists will be allotted publicly at the Salon. The Dialogues will start at 6.30 p.m. Each couple will play out their encounter for 20 minutes before another partner or another couple will enter the room and continue the performance. Every performance will last 3 hours and end at 9.30 p.m. Visitors may enter or leave the performance rooms at any time and spend some time at the Dialogues Salon.

The Salon:
The Dialogues Salon will provide time and space for questions, astonishment, enthusiasm and criticism. A light passage will connect it to the Forum Kunst und Architektur, the performance rooms are partly visible from here. It will open daily at 5.30 p.m., offering a selection of drinks and snacks for sale. This is where you can let your mind wander, alone or talking to others.


Box office and information

The box office and an information corner offering notices of the evening’s schedule, responses and news, will be in the entrance area of the Salon (open from 5.30 p.m.).


Special Night:

You are invited to a Special Night on the last night of the Dialogues on 10 November. We are going to celebrate the Dialogues until midnight, with special guests, unusual encounters and a long festive dinner table.

The Outlook:

The Dialoge concept provides the basis for numerous developments of artistic content as well as conceptual formats.
One example is the concept designed for the Africrea cultural centre in Cameroon. There, Dialoge serves as a platform for an artistic exploration between two cultures. Meetings between musicians and dancers of the Folkwang Tanzstudio and artists from Cameroon are planned. In addition, a site-specific lighting concept for Africrea is being created.
Dialoge is flexible in casting, it can be realised with dancers from one’s own company who meet local guests, it can take place as a workshop, accompanying a festival, working with amateurs and/or professionals and in an exchange with other arts like music, the fine arts, drama or architecture.
Performances at non-theatrical locations in public space such as galleries, artists’ studios, office spaces, etc. can open new ways of watching for the audience. The classic division between stage and auditorium is suspended. The spectator takes part in the process, for the spaces can be entered and left at any time, every individual can make their own decisions as to duration of stay, perspective and distance.



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