Henrietta Horn




Drifting Shadow

and Shimmer

Two solo dance pieces by

Henrietta Horn


“There is nothing more mysterious than the shimmer of names...” (Ingeborg Bachmann)
Treibschatten and Schimmer are Henrietta Horn’s two most recent pieces. In May 2009, the choreographer and dancer presented her new solo performance Schimmer, in November 2009 Treibschatten saw its premiere. The two works seem made for each other, even though they were conceived as independent solo pieces.

At the beginning there is silence. Henrietta Horn enters, tries to make eye-contact with her audience. She pushes the hair back from her face in a seemingly accidental gesture, which develops into a compact composition of movement sequences in various directions. Music by John Lurie sets in soon after the solo begins. The music and the movements seem to play around each other like free spirits. Her choreography, like music, is a temporal art; the full picture is not revealed to the audience until the very end. In the first part, Henrietta Horn steadily increases the speed and intensity of her movements only to come full circle back to motionlessness and silence. Treibschatten resembles a palindrome, as if it could also be danced backwards. What is a Treibschatten, a drifting shadow? There are no drifting shadows in the science of light and shadow. The word drifting is closely related to driving – we drive something or we drift, but there is always an impulse that sets off our movements. And the shadows follow us and all things, reflecting us in ever new dimensions, depending on the light in which people see us.



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