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The Sounds of Dancingtrennstrich_gelb

NRZ, 5th May 2012

Henrietta Horn’s new masterpiece “Rotlicht” at the Pina Bausch Theater

… “Rotlicht” is the title of choreographer and dancer Henrietta Horn’s latest work, which opened to great acclaim at the Folkwang University’s Pina Bausch Theater … With her delicate sense of visible and audible experiences and their translation into dance, she has once again delivered a masterpiece …

WN,17th May 2012

... this co-production captivates through the palpable mutual influence exercised in obvious trust and mutual understanding, which makes it so effective ...
... one of the finest hours of dance, a reward for all who boldly immersed themselves in the work …

Revierpassagen, 29th June 2012

A feast for the eyes and the ears that also provides food for thought

... Jazz-like breathing, the hissing of the cornet, the smacking noise of the mouthpiece; an alphorn is smooched and rubbed; Hahne plays the conch shell horn like a Faun, the drainpipe from the DIY market like an imp. The weathered iron casings of blind shells that never exploded are now used as bells. The musician scatters cartridge cases and scraps of projectiles into an overturned steel helmet, ironized by egg cups placed next to it. A feast for the eyes and ears that also provides food for thought ...


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