Henrietta Horn





Psychological and physical phenomenon


Palpitations occur when the pulse accelerates to more than 100 beats per minute over a sustained period of time. In addition to purely medical causes, palpitations can also be triggered by psychological factors via the autonomic nervous system. Fear, excitement, panic, and stress increase the heart rate and lead to specific physical reactions. Palpitations may be caused by extreme situations, examinations, borderline situations, but also situations of joy, being in love or anxious expectation. Palpitations, a psychological and physical phenomenon, was chosen by choreographer Henrietta Horn as the title and trigger of her eponymous piece, designed to explore the causes and effects of palpitations on potential movements, situations and encounters and translate them into dance and choreography.


For the second time, the Essen-based choreographer Henrietta Horn agreed to work at the Theater Bremen, this time to develop, together with the dancers of the Tanztheater Bremen and young members of “Junge Akteure – die Moks Theaterschule”, a choreography about the cross-generational topic of the madly beating heart.


In co-operation with Junge Akteure



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