Henrietta Horn

Teaching – Workshops – Projects




Has taught dance technique, improvisation and composition in the masters programmes of Folkwang University since 2008 and Cologne Sport University since 2010.




International workshops with students, dancers, artists and others in Beirut, Damascus, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nicosia, Athens, Madrid, Vienna, Yaoundé, Jakarta and other places. Workshops include lessons in dance technique, free improvisation and composition. They often result in smaller compositions or choreographic pieces that will be performed at the end.


Choreographic projects


Choreographies and compositions created in collaboration with festivals, universities and the Goethe Institute, for example with students of the Damascus/Syria Drama School, dancers from Jakarta/Indonesia, dancers from Yaoundé/Cameroon, students of Cologne Sport University and the Essen-based Folkwang University, as well as musicians within the framework of the Ruhr Piano Festival.