Henrietta Horn





„Le sacre du printemps"

by Mary Wigman


Wigman’s Sacre saw its premiere at the Städtische Oper Berlin in 1957, performed by the resident ballet company. Only sketches, photos and notes survive of her choreography, as well as the knowledge of the dancers involved in the piece at the time. It was on this basis that Henrietta Horn, in collaboration with Susan Barnett and Katharine Sehnert, reconstructed the choreography, supported by the US-based former Wigman students and dancers Emma Lew Thomas and Brigitta Herrmann.


In a large-scale co-operation, the two companies of the municipal theatres of Osnabrück and Bielefeld brought this reconstruction onto the stage in November 2013, each with ten dancers as well as five guest performers, accompanied by the Osnabrück Symphonic Orchestra resp. the Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Bavarian State Ballet Munich, a partner of the project, take over this Osnabrück/Bielefeld reconstruction of Wigman’s Le Sacre de Printemps with 43 dancers in June 2014.



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