Henrietta Horn





A brilliant dance piece for 10 dancers and 20 rattlestrennstrich_gelb


In „Auftaucher” Henrietta Horn stakes everything on atmosphere:
an empty stage, 10 chairs, 10 dancers and 20 rattles challenge the audience’s powers of imagination. Within just moments the interaction of movement, light and rhythm generate a compelling atmosphere that draws the audience in. The imagery developed on stage allows total freedom to the observers` own fantasy and interpretation.


„Auftaucher” lives from the intense and, to the audience, almost tangible suspense between the dancers. Henrietta Horn translates powerful lines of emotional behaviour into physical images of an array of interhuman behaviour and conditions from sexual courting, rivalry, rejection, jealousy, impulsiveness to humour, joy, sensuality and zest for life.

From these elements emerge a wordless, physical dialogue that is marked by dynamic, rhythm, beauty and musicality.


„Auftaucher” is a breathtaking explosion of movement and expression. A brilliant dance piece that absolutely captives the viewer in its emotional complexity for a whole 45 minutes.


...Henrietta Horn trusts here to the powers of imagination. The melancholic charm of a ballroom, the sultry smell of a Mediterranean village square where locals spur two men on to fight, are all created in the minds of the audience. Naturally thanks to the highly expressive dancers from Essen who use their excellent techniques to explore realms of individuality that are so characteristic of Folkwang dance.
(WAZ, 27. October 2001, Michael Kohlstadt)



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