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Henrietta Horn and Urs Dietrich present new works at the Folkwang Dance Showcase


The premiere of Henrietta Horn‘s new work „Siebzehn“ (Seventeen) at the third-year-students’ dance showcase proves that she has maintained close ties to the Folkwang University – in spite of the regrettable end of her term as director of the Folkwang Tanzstudio last September.
But she is not the only one who made this evening a joy to watch: Urs Dietrich, sole director of the Bremen Tanztheater, also presented a guest performance.
... two excellent premieres at once.

Eight musicians are part of Henrietta Horn’s new piece for seventeen dancers: Justin Schwantes and his ensemble with tympanum, triangle, Jew’s harp, accordion, a brass section and others. Once more the choreographer manages to merge music and dance almost completely into one. Dancers sometimes become puppets of the music. There are group dynamics going on. Duels are performed as hints in space. Lightning-quick, bizarre movements impressively testify to Henrietta Horn’s imaginative powers. Poetry and daring have formed a successful alliance here.

... The audience take home some impressive images, thrilled equally by the students’ performance and the choreographies.


(Dagmar Schenk-Güllich, WAZ, 29.6.2009)



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