Henrietta Horn






Staatstheater Braunschweig
Tanztheater Braunschweig, directionGregor Zöllig
dates: 11.9.16 
further dates: 16.9.16/28.9.16/3.10.16/30.10.16/2.11.16/25.12.16



nEW CREAtion:


Premiere: 28./29.10.2016

pact zollverein Essen
further date: 4.11.16
Fabrik Heeder Krefeld - festival MOVE



Kaiserkleide 1. Probe pact Feb 2016 3

Foto: Reinhard Hubert


The new project “Kaiserkleider” is created and developed by three artists. Henrietta Horn (dance, choreography), Frank Schulte (composer, sound designer) und Reinhard Hubert (lighting designer, video artist). This encounter of three artists blends their longtime experiences as well as the different media they work with. They start off with Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale: “Des Kaisers neue Kleider” (The Emperor's New Clothes).

This fairy tale deals with falsehood and truth, with cunning deception and a truly royal fail.

The project “Kaiserkleider” does not focus on the literal content of the fairy tale. The moral concept is self-explaining. The piece rather focuses on the general idea of the story and deals with appearance and reality.